There were almost 20 Sail Club members and one cute pooch that came to the traditional, annual January 1st Sail & Pot Luck Luncheon. More of ya’ll need to start coming out of your cocoons to start the year off right at your Sail Club!

You already know we have GREAT COOKS in our club! The food was warm, delicious and included 2 great “Good Luck” dishes of black-eyed peas. The center island was filled with an assortment of food and yummy desserts.

Yep, it was C-O-L-D and I do believe some hardy souls put up their sails and gave it a GO for braggin’ rights. More power to ‘em! It was cozy and warm in the clubhouse and the majority sat around and told tall tales of different sailing expeditions and discussed things to do in the warmer months!

It was a great day with friends and if you missed it – mark your ‘date book’ and plan to come celebrate next year!!

Again… Happy New Year 2019

Submitted by Diana Lance