Probably twenty to twenty-five members came for the Membership Meeting on Saturday, 19 October, to hear reports from several board members on activities of the club this last year and to hear results of the election of new board members.

By 6 PM, there were 30-35 members ready to partake of the eight different pots of chili with cheese, chips, etc. to go with it, and desserts for after. Thanks to Mary Frear, Jim Spear and Mike Reynolds for serving on the tasting committee which awarded first prize to Dee Boyce. Her trophy was a
beautiful (scary) large pumpkin carved by Kurt Hagen. After everyone ate, Dianna Lance did a great job of auctioning off the chrysanthemum decorations and several carved and decorated pumpkins. The club wants to thank all those who helped clean up and put away the decorations; it makes it so much easier to put on these events.

The next and last event is the ‘Bye to the Lake Potluck on 16 November at 1 PM. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE.

By Terry Casady