The Club’s tentative date for the Wine and Cheese of 16 May is probably overly optimistic in light of today’s news.  We have been informed that the caterer who can do the party on that date requires a 50% non-refundable prepayment in case of cancellation or postponement.  The Board does not want to risk that money with the likelihood we will have to postpone.  Therefore, we ask all the members to be patient and we will decide whether to cancel or reschedule when the situation is more clear.  Unless a member requests their money back, we will just hold on to the checks and credit card payments until the decision is made.

Bruce Berge, our Harbor Master, will try to turn the dock’s water on sometime after 1 April.  We often have damage from winter freezing which will have to be repaired although the club has gone to using “PEX” water lines recently which should help reduce the problems.  The company putting new floatation under F-dock should start work on 6 April and will be moving boats a few at a time as the work progresses.  Boat owners will not have to be on site.

                In the meantime, spring is definitely on the way and our favorite pastime is one that can be safely enjoyed in spite of the pandemic.  I know I have several things that need to be done before the boat is ready for the new season and many of you do also.  There is certainly plenty of room to practice “social distancing” on our docks.  Just what we all need, some fresh air and exercise.  Hope to see you around.

Terry Casady, Rear Commodore