2010 50/100 mile Race Results



We had 21 boats but only 5 boats finished the prescribed course do to absolutely no wind

The awards were present by Marilyn Rose (Rear Commodore) and Roy Goding (Vice Commodore).

50 Mile Winners:
            Fleet "B" non spinnaker
            Chad Lundberg member of GLSC  Catalina 27 1st place

            Fleet "A" Spinnaker
            Jack Moore      J29 (won by 32 seconds)      1st place
            Ben Townsend  Tartan 41                            2nd place

100 Mile:  Non Spinnaker
                Todd Sandness member of GLSC  Chrysler 26  1st place

Stake Boats:  Main Gate:  Leon & Martha Mullis
                      Dam:          Harold & Beverly Maxwell
                      Tera Miranda:  Jeff & Debra Totty
                      Goat Island:  Ted English  and Rosa

Starter:          Ralph Wilkins former Commodore of Grand Lake Sailing Club

Newspaper Representatvie:  Ms. Arizona of Vinita (The American Newspaper)

We had a wonderful Steak Dinner with (55) people.
Sunday Breakfast was a big hit thanks to Tom Whites excellent cooking.

The T-Shirts all 60 designs were sold

We have the PINK RIBBON ON OCT. 2ND.

We had participates from Edmond, Tulsa, Siloam Springs, Bartlesville, Scotties Cover and of course Grove.

Marilyn Rose,
Rear Commodore