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 July 4th water balloon fight.
 Fleets line up on opposite sides of two buoys. The imaginary line between the buoys can never be crossed.
At the sound of the horn, boats go counter clockwise around the course with Engines at idle speeds only.
 Each boat will be armed with water balloons, and 3 sponges. The object is to place (throw) a sponge into the cockpit of the opposing team boat
When a sponge lands in the cockpit that boat retires. If a sponge is caught it can be reused and the boat continues.
Drivers are non combatants, they don't throw, they are not targeted. Inside overlap has right of way. Boats can only luff to 90 degrees off course, the luffed boat can then hail proper course and the inside boat must then turn to the next buoy and cannot luff again until that buoy is rounded. Last boat standing wins.
Eye protection is mandatory and ear protection is encouraged. No slingshots.
Water guns are allowed. Fresh tap or lake water only will be used.
 Balloons furnished by GLSC only.
Boats participating will fly a flag representing their nationality (furnished by GLSC). Retired boats will lower there flag and proceed back from the field of action.