Roots Sail in Lake Havasu Cruiser Convention


Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention Report


Greetings to GLSC!


     Chari and I were able to attend the 2011 Lake Havasu Pocket Cruiser Convention in Lake Havasu City, AZ last week.  The events and the water were spectacular! We had heard about the event through their website ( after reading about it on  Every time the host or any of the people that had previously attended talked about it, they were 100% inviting and welcoming.  Our experience upon arrival was just the same.  

     We arrived on Sunday evening, and checked into the Nautical Inn, which was one of two resorts providing discounted rooms for the event.  The Lake Havasu City Marina, which was right next to our resort, provided ½ price slips for the week.  Those that stayed at the LondonBridge resort who registered early were able to berth in one of their 50 slips at the resort. 

     Monday morning, we went to the Marina to rig and launch.  Sean Mulligan, the main organizer, had recruited volunteers to help rig boats if anyone needed help.  We met a couple there assisting who had just purchased a 26X, so after watching us rig so they’d know how to do it, we insisted they ride with us on our first sail that day.  We had a blast.  For the first time ever, I could look at the prop with the motor full down and CLEARLY see it!  A depth finder wasn’t needed near the shore as you could look to see the depth. 

     All week long, there were volunteers in powerboats shadowing the sailors to make sure if anyone needed help, help was close. Each morning of the week, there was a skipper’s meeting at 8, followed by one or more seminars.  Topics included: Sail Trim, Outboard Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting, Sailing Southern California in Potter’s, Robert Crawford - Sailing the Single Handed Trans Pac in a 1961 Cal 20, Santa Cruz Island - A Cruise Back In Time, Elliot Pattison Sails - Cruising Chutes,  Sailing Medicine for Dummies,  and Man Overboard!  Several vendors attended, including Raymarine with a trailer full of new toys, and several sail vendors. 

     There were about 140 boats there, and about 180 people total registered.  Of course, one of the main reasons to attend was to SAIL!  From about 11AM until 4PM each day was allocated to being on the water.  On one day, there was an all boats, one fleet “fun race”—everyone started at the same time. The start line was almost the entire width of the bay!   Sean described it later from being on a committee boat beyond the start line “It looked like an impending TRAIN WRECK, but it was fun.”  He clearly stated the rules in the skipper meeting:  This is a fun race, many of the participants are very novice sailors, so even if you have right of way, do NOT trade gelcoat!  The trophy for this race was NOT worth getting upset over.  There were to be NO protests—anyone protests, both boats were DQ’ed.  He wanted it to be fun. Interestingly, the top three winners received paper certificates as prizes.  Then they had other random prizes:  #26 across the line won $100 CASH. Two other random finishers received smaller cash prizes.  

     On one day, they had class races.  I know it won’t mean anything to the GLSC hard core racers, but somehow (accident I’m sure), about 25% into the Mac race, I was in #5 spot of about 15 Macs.  I went stoooopid and didn’t finish well.  The final tally hasn’t been posted yet, as Sean is busy with his real job. 

     Of course the sailing was wonderful.  I also got to meet many of the people I communicate with on the trailersailor website.  It was a great opportunity to sail and to socialize.  The cost of the convention was very minimal as the only charged items were for the meals, parties, slips, and lodging.   One of the resorts provided a buffet breakfast one day.  Attending any or all of the seminars was FREE.  One of the folks from Colorado sent me some pics of our boat under sail and soon there will be an online photo swap, so I’m hoping to share the pics I took, and hope to get more pics of our boat on the water. 

     This was year #4 for this event and every year the number of attendees has grown.  We already have it on our 2012 calendar and plan to go down a week early to sail and help with the convention setup.  Many of the attendees spoke of spending the whole month of Feb at Havasu to escape the cold.  I did get caught in a blizzard at Flagstaff coming home, and spent about 4 hours in the boat, heated a little by a propane stove, and napping in a sleeping bag. 

     If you are looking for a great winter get-away, I’d encourage you to go to Havasu 2012.

     Ron and
Chari Roots


Pictures of the Roots Cruise can be found under Gallery.