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Thank you,  Thank you ,  Thank you,  to all the hard working GLSC members who came out and participated in  work day April 10 2010.  We had over 40 members involved in all sorts of jobs.  Believe it or not, all the jobs were completed.  So a big pat on the back  to all those who busted their tails.  I saw a lot of pride in the club with the effort brought forth.  People brought tools, energy and a big appetite for a big pizza spread afterwards.  Marshall Orcutt gave the blessing and asked for speedy recovery for our missing comrade B J Brady who was in the hospital.  Look around the next time you are at the club and notice the improvements and the appearance of your club.  You can be proud to bring your family or friends out.  If you missed workday and still want to earn your $80 credit let me know as time to time we have a job come up that needs done. 

                                                           Enjoy your club and good sailing!  

                                                                     Roy Goding  VC
                                                                     918 676 3608

What a gorgeous day for a Work Out! Time to spruce up the Club area and use member labor for the tasks. It’s actually a great way to share some time accomplishing something good and getting to chat while it gets done.
Roy Goding, Vice Commodore, had a large number of jobs that needed to be done and he
gathered the crew and began to dole them out. It looked like ants on the hillside with everyone going about their various tasks.

Sybil Markle & Judy Jayroe paired up to put paint on things AND from the looks of it – they did a pretty good job – what happened – did you have a paint brush DUEL?

Several guys were out there trimming off dead limbs from the trees at the entrance gate, over at the boat work area and others were doing a general PICKUP of the large fallen branches scattered everywhere. Bob Moore used a big blue truck with a LONG trailer to haul the debris while Ron, Roger and another member were piling the limbs into the truck – it was also a fun way to get around the grounds.

Hal Reese and another member took out a trailer behind a lawn tractor and helped clear the grounds of those limbs from the camping and hill boat storage area. YEA!

Mark Gardner, Commodore, got a very large RED piece of equipment and they did all sorts of fabulous jobs with it. It was able to auger the holes needed for the new fence posts up near the Clubhouse, then it was used to elevate workers to heights needed to remove the broken branches from the taller trees. It was a marvel to have for the workday and even more of a marvel that someone actually knew how to operate the thing!

Elaine Gardner started by cleaning out the north clubhouse flowerbed. Glenda Reese, Jerri Ann then grabbed a rake to get the leaves and twigs gathered up. Another member and Harold Maxwell powerwashed the lakeside deck and Kathie Brown BLASTED the chair cleanup detail with help from Laura, who did the hauling and moving of the chairs to & from the cleaning area.

When Roy asked if someone would sweep the debris off the roofing areas … Ben’s hand went up while all the others SMILED. Little did he know that the metal on two of the buildings is twice as old as he is and give slightly as you move on it PLUS the shingled roof has a really nice pitch to it. We just love those “Newbies” like Ben & Laura and they worked like they were getting PAID for it!

Larry Markle and Gary Daniels tackled changing out some of the deteriorated woods on the
Oar House, around the under deck storage door and the shower building trim. Then the ‘Painted’ LADIES immediately took over and sealed the wood. Marshall Orcutt, Stan Lance and Mark Finnigan tried tackling the…eeewwww…pump out hose and securing a line down the dock. Stan later decided to divert the roof runoff of the shower building AWAY from the wood siding and put a new downspout on there.

Kitty Moore, Stephanie Finnigan & Diana Lance were overhauling the SUN flower bed. It had
scads of weeds and needed a complete re‐do. Debbie Totty, Elaine and Kitty scrambled into a truck and went shopping for some drought resistant plant material. The nursery sold them lots of stuff but I’m not sure they will be allowed to go back there? They were having way too much fun deciding on what FLOWERS to get.

Phil whacked down the ornamental grasses at the front of the clubhouse so the new stuff would grow in properly and Frank Beber whacked the grass around the clubhouse, the caretakers yard area, and BLESS HIM … he even made a swath around the camping area & cut a path to the clubhouse so the campers wouldn’t have to walk in the tall stuff.

Orville Edwards brought his “Devining” Rods and tried to find the various wires and things
that might be in HARMS WAY when the holes were to be dug somehow the Club still wound up losing telephone service when all was said and DONE! Last I heard, it would be the following Monday or Tuesday before it could be fixed. Hey, that’s fast service for a Phone Company!

Later Stephanie, Laura and Mary put together the deckside hanging flower baskets. They had to be taken apart, cleaned out, re‐planted, and re‐hung. Think Joe had to be called into service to HANG up the pots – Laura couldn’t lift them and the others were just too danged SHORT to getthe job done. Stephanie then went over to the Flag Pole area and cleaned the foliage bed there too.she was like the little pink bunny – kept going!

Caught the ‘Debris Pickers & Haulers’ taking a much needed BREAK, while Phil was verifying YEP… it was the phone line and NOPE it couldn’t be fixed.
We were DONE… aww SHOOT…. THE clubhouse outside water line wasn’t working AND the one being used was a People SOAKER! Guess that will be a task for another time.

Roy wouldn’t feed us until LATE so we’d get more done (Probably good thinking) but
just like the CALVARY … the Pizza and POP arrived. Everyone enjoyed the respite and chowing down. Don’t think I’ve ever seen Pizza disappear so fast – it was good.

Side notes:
Judy & Joe got a new baby – it was a brand new engine for their boat!
Larry & Sybil admired the Club’s dogwood trees, which were in full bloom.
Robin Orcutt agreed to stand still for one pic but she was the one behind the lens for the
workday photo opportunities. Thanks for getting all those good moments, Robin.

Everyone completed their jobs, packed up their tools and drove off into the sunset!
We desperately missed many of our members not in attendance at this time but a couple of
COUPLES that you can always depend on to be at the Club’s functions…
Earl & Marilyn Rose were sitting this dance out and we missed them both very much! We
are used to Earl’s hardy laugh and Marilyn being our busy Marilyn! Take care guys!

Dewey and B.J. Brady were busy elsewhere too. Seems B.J.’s HEART just wasn’t into doing the DO this weekend. She was spending time in the New Grove Hospital’s I.C.U. Unit scaring the Bejeebers out of everyone! Last we heard B.J. was doing much better. Still ordering her little doctors around, absolutely chipper as usual but minding her P’s & Q’s like she was supposed to be doing ALL ALONG! Speedy Recovery!

Nite ALL… going to go take some aspirin and fall into bed – see you all at the next Workday