Quick View of Costs     


Membership Dues and slip fees are due and payable by March 1 for the current year that runs from March 1 through the month of February of the following year.

Specific information about discounts, due dates, delinquencies, penalties, and slip fees, Annual Work Days/Maintenance Fee of $80, etc. can be found in the GLSC Bylaws and Standing Rules, under the Join Us tab.

Dues and Initiation Fees

      Regular/Fleet Membership             $270.00(Going to $320 in 2013)

      Associate Dues                           50% of Regular dues

      Inactive Dues                             25% of Regular dues

      Initiation Fee                             $500.00

Slip Fees and Minimum Lengths

      Single slip                  $15.00 per foot (per year)

      Outside slip                $10.00 per foot
(per year)

      Double slip                 $12.50 per foot
(per year)

The minimum charge for slips on “A” and “C” dock is 30 feet

The minimum charge for slip A04 and slips on Docks D, E, and F is 25 feet

During the fiscal year members are requested to participate in one of the two scheduled workdays or to work on a project specifically designated by the Harbor Master.  If a member does not participate in either scheduled workdays or work on a particular project, a maintenance fee of $80.00 will be added to each regular member’s dues for the following year.  This fee is not subject to the early payment discount.