Revised October 2010
State of Oklahoma and GRDA Rules                
Board of Governors                                           
Member Rules
Voting Procedures
Membership Dues and Fees                             
Dock and Slip Rules
Slip Requests
Rigging and Launching
Dry Storage Area
Power/Motor Boats                                           
RV Area
Tent Camping Rules
Abandoned or Unsafe Property                        
Environmental Rules
Club Owned Sailboat Use                                 
State of Oklahoma and GRDA Rules
1.     All Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) and the State of Oklahoma regulations shall apply to GLSC members and guests.
2.    All vessels must have current Oklahoma registration and license by June 30 of each year.
3.     If the boat remains in Oklahoma for more than 60 calendar days, it must be registered in Oklahoma.
4.     All boats must carry an approved Personal Floatation Device (PFD) for each person on board.
5.     All boats, when operating from sunset to sunrise, must have proper running lights.
6.     The respective Commodores, Harbor Master, and Fleet Master must approve all expenditures in his department.
7.     All expenses must be presented for payment within the budget year they occurred and must be accompanied by a receipt.
8.     The Rear Commodore, the Harbor Master, or other duly authorized persons may use the club’s pontoon boat or work barge for club-sanctioned events or in the performance of their duties
Member Rules
9.     Members are responsible for the conduct of their families and guests. Children under 12 year must be supervised.
10.   Swim at your own risk.
11.   An adult Grand Lake Sailing Club member must accompany guests.
12.   Place cans, glass containers and trash in the designated containers.
13.   After use of the clubhouse, remove all personal food from the refrigerators, clean the kitchen area, wash club dishes and tableware and return them to the proper location.
14.   Pets must be kept under control of their owners. Please clean up after your pet. 
15.   No member will conduct any commercial venture involving Grand Lake Sailing Club property, Club name or Club logo.
16.   Regular members must provide the Treasurer proof of current liability insurance for each boat on club property by March 1 of each year.
17.   Each Regular Membership shall receive two (2) ballots for each membership for any Membership Meeting at which the membership will vote for Board of Governors, Bylaw Amendments, Standing Rules changes, or for any item requiring a vote. Ballots shall be sent to the last known mailing address of the member. Each member may send their ballot by mail or submit it in person at the Membership Meeting. If voting by mail, the member shall return the ballot to the Secretary in an envelope marked “Ballot” and legibly signed with member’s name on the face of the envelope. The ballot itself shall not be signed. Nothing other than the ballot shall be included in the ballot envelope. If the ballot envelope is not signed, it will be discarded, unopened, by the Secretary at the meeting. Properly signed ballot envelopes shall be held unopened until the meeting at which time they will be opened and counted. Any member may reclaim his ballot envelope prior to the beginning of the meeting and resubmit a new one.
Membership Dues and Fees
18.   Membership Dues and slip fees are due and payable by March 1 for the current year that runs from March 1 through the month of February of the following year.
19.  Dues and slip fees not paid by April 2 will be considered delinquent, at which time a cumulative penalty of $25 per month will be assessed until dues, fees and accrued penalties are paid in full.
20.   After June 1, any membership not current will be considered delinquent, and all of his Club privileges will be suspended. A suspended member’s property remaining on GLSC premises will be disposed of at the member’s expense. 
21.   Dues and slip fees for persons joining after March 1 will be prorated for the remaining full months of the membership year. A member who left a membership household (in good standing) and wishes to establish a new membership, may do so without an initiation fee assessed. 
22.   Dues and Initiation Fees
        Regular/Fleet Membership Dues
                                       effective 1/01/2011  $270.00 
                                       effective 1/01/2013  $320.00
        Associate Dues                 50% of Regular dues
        Inactive Dues                   25% of Regular dues
        Initiation Fee                    $500.00
23.   Slip Fees and Minimum Lengths
        Single slip                        $15.00 per foot
        Outside slip                      $10.00 per foot
        Double slip                      $12.50 per foot
 In those situations where a boat occupies more than half of the width of a double slip, the fee will be $25 per foot.
23.1 Dry Storage Fees
         1) Dry Storage Sail Boat               - $100
         2) Additional Boat or Boat Trailer  - $150
24.   The minimum charge for slips on “A” and “C” dock is 30 feet
25.   The minimum charge for slips A02, A04 and slips on Docks D, E, and F is 25 feet.
26.   During the fiscal year members are requested to participate in one of the two scheduled workdays or to work on a project specifically designated by the Harbor Master. If a member does not participate in either scheduled workdays or work on a particular project, a maintenance fee of $80.00 will be added to each regular member’s dues for the following year. This fee is not subject to the early payment discount.
27.   Initiation fees and membership dues are non-refundable.
28.   Refunds of slip fees will be calculated from the first whole month of new occupancy to the end of the membership year.
Dock and Slip Rules
29.   The Grand Lake Sailing Club’s dock system and wet slips are the property of the club and are licensed to club members for one year upon payment of the appropriate fee.
30.   Members of other sailing clubs and/or visitors may use club facilities with the approval of the Harbor Master.
31.   A Regular Member may only license one slip. In case of co-ownership, one co-owner must be declared as licensee.
32.   Any member whose slip assignment is considered for change against his wishes must be notified thirty (30) days in advance of any change and be invited to speak at the Board of Governors meeting at which a vote on reassignment will be taken.
33.   Without prior written approval of the Harbor Master, docks may not be modified, changed, or altered. Modifications include, but are not limited to, installation or placement of storage structures, permanent steps, lifting devices, or boat cleaning devices.
34.   Any boat in a double slip may not occupy more than half the slip’s width. The widest beam is determined by the width with fenders on both sides of the boat or the widest portion of a boat lift. Any exceptions to this rule require GLSC Board approval.
35.   A member should notify the Harbor Master if their slip is to be vacant for more than seven days.
36.   Boats are private property and should not be boarded without the owner’s permission, except in an emergency.
37.   No boat heaters, appliances, or other items may be left connected to utilities on boats in wet or dry storage in a member’s absence. Any exceptions to this rule must receive approval of the Harbor Master and GLSC Board. Automatic battery chargers are permitted to be left connected. The Harbor Master shall have the right to board and inspect any unattended boat left connected to Club utilities.
38.   ‘A’ Dock, with the exception of A04, is limited to boats 30 feet LOA and longer. ‘C’ dock is limited to boats 28 feet LOA and longer. Slip A04, D, E and F docks are limited to boats less than 28 feet LOA.
39.   A minimum of three (3) outside slips will be open for dry sailors and guests.
40.   The pump out station slip will remain open at all times. Rules of operation MUST BE STRICTLY FOLLOWED.
41.   Slip A04 is limited to sailboats of shallow draft because of underwater obstructions.
Slip Requests
42.   A slip request form must be filled out and delivered to the Harbor Master.
43.   If no slip is available, the Harbor Master will add the member’s name and date of his request to the Slip Waiting List in the order in which it was received.
44.   The Harbor Master will post the Slip Waiting list in the club house.
45.   If a member is offered a slip and turns it down, the member’s name will go to the bottom of the Slip Waiting list.
46.   A member, who normally would be assigned to D, E or F dock, may temporarily be assigned to A or C dock. He must sign the Temporary Slip Assignment form stating that he understands that if that slip is needed, he will relocate his boat.
47.   Boat rigging must be done on the hill or on the flat asphalt area closest to the deck. The lane furthest from the deck on the flat asphalt area must be kept open at all times.
48.   The mast-raising hoist is available to members and guests. Please contact the Harbor Master for operational instructions. User assumes all risk of injury or damage from using the mast-raising hoist.   
49.   Refer to the Harbor Master for launching and retrieval instructions.
Dry Storage Area
50.   Sailboat trailers and dry storage sailboats shall be parked in the designated area.
51.   A Regular member may store one trailer per sailboat docked in a wet slip, at no charge.
        51.1. Any regular member storing one sailboat and/or trailer has priority, in regards to space availability, over a regular member storing additional trailers.
52.   All trailers must be identified with the member’s name.
53.   There will be no permanent storage of powerboats (pontoon boats, personal watercraft, cruisers, runabouts, etc.)
54.   Regular members bringing a powerboat to the club must remove it at the end of each stay.
55.   Trailers for powerboats may be parked temporarily in the designated area after launching.
56.   Powerboats may be temporarily tied up in the slip systems, but may not occupy a licensed slip.
General Information
57.   Grand Lake Sailing Club provides a limited number of RV sites for the convenience of club members.  Because the facilities are limited there will be no permanent or long-term assignments. RV sites are available on a first come, first served basis. 
RV Fee Structure
58. There are six (6) RV sites; if electricity is used, a charge of $3.00 per day shall be assessed.
RV Reservations
59. The maximum length of stay for a RV on premises is two weeks.  After the two-week period the RV must be removed from the premises.  After moving an RV off-site for a period of two weeks a member may return.  Members wishing to stay for a vacation period exceeding two weeks may make a written request to the BOG.
60. All RVs must park in the RV site assigned by the Vice Commodore.
61. No waste-water or sewage shall be discharged on club property.
62. Generators are not allowed.
63. The member using the RV site will be responsible for keeping the site free of trash and debris.
64. Automobiles, Boats, and other watercraft must be parked in the designated parking area.
65. Quiet hours will be in effect from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.
66. RVs shall not be left unattended by owner for a period exceeding 48 hours.
Tent Camping Rules  
67.   Tents will be set up only in an authorized area. Please be a courteous camper.
Abandoned or Unsafe Property
68.   A member whose boat or equipment creates a safety hazard will be notified by the Harbor Master or Vice Commodore for immediate remedial action. Any costs incurred will be at the owner’s expense. 
69.   Boats and trailers not identified will be considered abandoned and disposed of in accordance with Oklahoma law.
Environmental Rules
70.   Do not dispose of engine oil or fuel in the lake or on club property. Take it to the nearest fuel dump station.
71.   Toilet waste not disposed of through the pump-out is to be dumped into the club septic tank located behind the restroom building. Please follow the rules for using the pump-out.
72.   Proper safety equipment must be used when repairing, sanding or painting your boat. Steps will be taken to ensure the surrounding grounds and air is not contaminated.
73. Appearance of vessels: The Board of Governors shall determine if any vessel on GLSC property is not maintained in a ship-shape manner, i.e., dirty, moldy, mildew, rotted or torn canvas or any other condition the BOG deems unsightly. Upon the determination of an unsightly vessel, the BOG will notify the member in writing of the condition of the vessel and inform the member to correct the problem within thirty days of the notification. If the member fails to comply, the vessel in question will be cleaned, rotted canvas removed, etc. and the member shall be billed reasonable costs to bring the vessel into compliance.
74. Grand Lake Sailing Club (GLSC) maintains ownership of sailboats that are for the  
       use of fleet members
75. Prior to initial use of Club Owned Sailboats, Fleet Members must receive approval
       from the Fleet Master. Approval will be based upon the Fleet Member’s sailing
       skills and ability to safely operate the Sailboat.
 76. Upon receiving permission from the Fleet Master, Regular Members may have use
       of Club Owned Sailboats. If a scheduling conflict should occur, Fleet Members
       have priority in regards to the use of a Club Owned Sailboat.
 77. Members are to operate Club Owned Sailboats in a responsible and safe manner. All
       rules and regulations, as established by the GRDA and State of Oklahoma, are to
       be observed at all times when operating a Club Owned Sailboat
78.  Members will operate Club Owned Sailboats at their own risk and hold Grand Lake
       Sailing Club (GLSC) harmless of any accidents/incidents occurring while Member is
       operating a Club Owned Sailboat.