Annual Meeting, Chili Cook-Off and Elections!

 Join us for the Grand Lake Sailing Club
Annual Meeting, Election of Officers, Chili Cook-Off
and Fundraising Auction!

Saturday, October 20, 2018
2:00 p.m.       Board of Governor’s Meeting, Club House

3:45 p.m.     Deadline to retrieve mailed ballots    (if you want to change your vote)

4:00 p.m.      General Membership Meeting and election of officers

6:00 p.m.     Chili Cook-Off.  Prize for the best chili.  Bring items to compliment chili (such as Fritos, corn bread, cheese, sour cream, crackers or dessert)

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September Work Day is a Huge Success

Last Saturday September 22, GLSC held their fall Work Day.  Close to 30 people showed up with tools, gloves and a great attitude ready to work!

Doughnuts and coffee supplied by Kurt Hagen were rapidly consumed while everyone perused the 6 potential projects on the whiteboard in the clubhouse.

It wasn’t long before paint cans popped open, shovels and picks were flying, and boats and trailers were being moved on the hill.

Patsy Hagen and her crew did a great job sorting and moving kitchen supplies out of the bath storeroom and sorting and moving decorations from the Oar House into the newly cleaned space. There appeared to be several trips to the ol’ dumpster! 

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Leaks, Leaks and More Leaks

All boat owners are concerned about leaks below the waterline. However that attitude is not as strict when it comes to leaks topside even though it’s no fun trying to sleep on the boat in a rainstorm as water leaks in around a port and gets your bedding wet. Instead of finding and correcting those minor leaks that allow only nuisance amounts of water in when it rains, we cover them up with a tarp (or tape). Those minor leaks, often treated as only a nuisance, can cause serious problems. Leaks around deck fittings can saturate the core and cause serious structural problems as bulkheads and interior wood begin to rot. Wet cores and rotted bulkheads can be repaired or replaced but those are major jobs that you shouldn’t have to do and won’t if you take prompt action to fix the leak and not just patch it.

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