Memberships Dues and Initiation Fees

Initiation Fee $750.00 (one time)

Regular Member: must own a sailboat and is entitled to rent a wet slip, vote, hold office and has full use of the club facilities. Dues $370.00

Associate Member: is for those who do not own a sailboat.  In includes a participating in all the Club’s social activities, use of the facilities except boat handling privileges. Dues are 50% of Regular dues.

Inactive Dues 25% of Regular dues

Slip Fees and Minimum Lengths
Single slip  $16.00 per foot
Outside slip $11.00 per foot
Double slip  $13.50 per foot


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Fleet Memberships

The Grand Lake Sailing Club Fleet membership allows a new or experienced sailor the opportunity to sail without owning a boat. As a fleet member you can enjoy the benefits of the club, the club facilities, the fellowship of other sailors and the social aspects of the club and not have the expense of a boat.

Fleet Membership Dues $370.00


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or call Claude Phelps at 918.314.3554