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Welcome to the Grand Lake Sailing Club!

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about us, who we are, and what we do as members of the Grand Lake Sailing Club.

While each member brings to the GLSC a unique array of experiences and outside interests the most common thing we have is the passion of sailing on the water with our boats. No matter how you enjoy the water and sailing you will have more fun with friends and fellow boaters at GLSC on the Grand Lake of the Cherokees in Oklahoma.

The Grand Lake Sailing Club is a private club that offers a variety of boating activities and social events to all who love sailing. Situated on the waters edge, the clubhouse and large covered deck reflect a welcoming sign for all sailors. GLSC is dedicated to exploring and helping all members to maximize their sailing experience.


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     1         Open
   8-9       Spring Race CNX
    15       Board of Governor’s Meeting      11:00 AM
    16       Easter
 22-23    Spring Race 1-4
    29       Work Day                                  8:00 AM

  6-7        Spring Race 5-8
   14        Mother’s Day
   20        Board of Governor’s Meeting     11:00 AM
                Blessing of the Fleet                 2:00 PM
                Potluck                                    5:30 PM
27-29     Memorial Day Week-end

  3-4        Grand Cup Regatta
  10-11    Spring Race 9-12
    17       Board of Governor’s Meeting    11:00 AM
    18       Father’s Day
    24       Sailstice Sail                               2:00 PM
                Tom White’s Brats and Corn      6:00 PM

  1-2        Fourth of July Week-end
  8-9        Open
   15        Board of Governor’s Meeting     2:00 PM
                Party # 2                                        7:00 PM
 22-23    Open
 29-30    Open

     5         Group Grill                                 5:30 PM
                Moonlight Madness Sail             7:30 PM
   12-13  Open
     19      Board of Governor’s Meeting      2:00 PM
                Party #3                                     7:00 PM
   26-27  Fall Race 1-4

     2-4     Labor Day Week-end
    9-10   Fall Race 5-8
      16     Board of Governor’s Meeting    11:00 AM
      23     Work Day                                   8:00 AM
      30     Long Distance Classic

     7      Pirate Party                              2:00 PM
   14-15  Fall Race 9-12
     21      Board of Governor’s Meeting      2:00 PM
                General Membership Meeting   4:00 PM
                Chili Cook-off                           6:00 PM
    28-29 Make up Fall Race 1-4

      18     Board of Governor’s Meeting       11:00
                Good-bye to the Lake Potluck   1:00

All club races will have Skipper’s Meeting at 11 AM on Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday.  Entry fee is $10 per week-end and there will be two races each day.  Races are open to non-members.

Call Terry at 913-980- 1872 for information.

The Club wrapped up the year’s racing season with almost perfect weather.  Saturday was cloudy and cool, but not too cool, with nice northerly breezes.   Unfortunately, the rain Friday night must have discouraged some of the sailors, as there were only three of us to race, the minimum number to start a race.  Mr. “Uff Da” (Kurt Hagen) had some bad luck with a jib halyard and had to go back to the docks to fix it.  It turned out to be faster to jump on Bruce Berge’s boat.  They made it for the start of the second race.  But Murphy’s Law was in full force Saturday, as up the first leg, a turning block exploded and the jib sheet soon rubbed itself into two pieces over the bolt left in the block.  “Now where did I put that spare jib sheet?”  Following suit, Star Trek ran over its’ spinnaker during a take down and came to a screeching halt for about five minutes before getting it aboard.  Sunday, it was Robert Reardon’s turn, as he snagged the pin anchor rode, making the turn of the first leg of the first race; finally got it loose after two or three 360’s.  Kurt Hagen won the mini-regatta in the non-spinnaker fleet.  Again, there was only one boat in the spinnaker fleet.
The club wants to thank Roy Goding and Tom White for manning the committee boat on Sat, with Roy pulling double duty on Sunday.  Also, a big thank you to Charles and Joanne Evans for donating a very nice “Icom” handheld VHF radio to the race program.
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